Odyssey Con 12 - April 20-22, 2012 Guests of Honor
to be announced!
Welcome to OddCon!

Please join us for Odyssey Con 12!

Odyssey Con 12

2012: Apocalypse Cow

Radisson Inn, Madison WI, April 20-22, 2012.

Odyssey Con is coming back for a twelfth year! The apocalypse is near, and we plan to party like it's 2012! We return to The Radisson Inn on Madisonís west side, April 20-22, 2012, with more great panels, dealersí room, gaming, art show, and media programming.

Odyssey Con is a general interest Science Fiction and Fantasy convention. We feature literary guests, panel discussions, demonstrations, film reviews, art work, musical acts, and much more. With around 350 members, we have a great guest-to-attendee ratio. Whether you are a first-time attendee or a long-time "fan," you'll find OddCon is an enjoyable, entertaining, and comfortable convention. It's easy to join: send in a registration form or register at the door, and enjoy a weekend of interesting ideas and fun events. Invite your friends to join! Everyone's invited!

Announcements / Updates

Pre-registration closes on the April 7, 2012!

Would you like to pre-register? Sure you would! We have online registration and good old-fashioned paper registration in either Word doc format or pdf format.

Get involved! Let your opinion be known! Join the OddCon Yahoo Group!

For info on gaming, contact Brian Curley at gaming12 at oddcon.com.

Art Show

Odyssey Con will be having an art show. Hanging fees are $0.50 per piece for pieces brought in or $1.00 per mailed piece. More information is on our Art Show page.

Dealers' Room

We will have a dealersí room with new and returning dealers. Our Dealers' room offers a wide selection of games, books, jewelery and collectables available for purchase.

For more information and to reserve a table, please go to the Dealers' Room link.

Food and Entertainment

We once again offer our crowd pleasing consuite, with pizza, hot dogs, soda, and other goodies to tempt the palate, or visit independent party rooms sponsored by fan and local convention groups. Friday night features Odyssey Con's own Decaffeinated Odyssey Performing Ensemble in a brief dramatic performance (i.e. skit). Taste wine, cheese and chocolate later on in the conís Art Show Tasting. Saturday night will feature speeches by our Guests of Honor, readings of the winning stories from our Writing Contest, a Poetry Slam, and a late-night SF talk show. Our annual Midnight Drumming Circle will be . . . at Midnight!


Odyssey Con is a volunteer run convention. We particularly need people willing to work in the consuite, at the registration table, and as gofers. Work for 6 or more hours and get a $20 rebate of your membership fee! Your registration packet will contain a sign-up sheet with more details, which you can preview. We also encourage fans interested in throwing room parties or holding other events to contact us. If you are new to Odyssey Con, it's a great way to meet people and get oriented. Send an email to oddcon11 at oddcon.com for more information or to sign up.




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